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Design in collaboration with Karoline Swiezynski. I did the coding and worked with Kirby for the backend.

A new website for artist-run projectspace Marwan, in Amsterdam. Their old site was a patchwork built in hotglue, and in its own right an amazing but hard to navigate website. Following their attitute, we allowed ourselves to design a kind of hectic website too.

Marwan is currently housed in a small space on Fokke Simonzstraat, and is characterized by it's four windows that give view to the space. The windows are revived on the website in colourful glitches, that play with each show upon load.

The banners that are gracing Marwan's facade, and its custom typeface, are designed in 2018 by Gaile Pranckunaite and Mislav Žugaj as a DIY kit, and offers Marwan to create their own banners for each show.

Our focus was on archiving and solidifying the work and projects undertaken by Marwan since 2018, giving it root and accessibility, with a straighforward attitude. We built upon their iconic banner system and color coding to give significance to each show.

Marwan was initiated in 2016 by Tirza Kater and Tim Matthijsen in their former studio. It's been beautiful to see how they've been growing and sharing with others the space and practice of organising ♥️.

mobile version

website launch and the infamous amazing previous website





Ecopolis is an eco-literrary festival taking place in Brussels and Kortrijk. Welcoming and initiating new narratives and debate around the climate crisis.

I was asked for a redesign that would allow a broader public to engage with this oh so current topic. I also redesigned a basic logo.

Typefaces in use are open source Cotham Regular and Wondertype.

The theme of this year was 'Hope is Action', as a way to address and divert the paralysis that can come with the scope of the global warming crisis.

There are many many variations of the color arranglements in posters, social media post, advertisements, etc. They also made some of their own derivatives.

More documentation to follow.

This years visual identity is linking the recognizable temperature maps to colouring books, giving back some agency to the audience. Hopefully sparking more hope and urgency than despair :-)


Residency 11:11

Residency 11:11 - T-Shirt


For the five year anniversary of residency 11:11 in London, they invited me to design a t-shirt.

The shirts art screenprinted by hand by Overlay Press in the UK.

11:11 stands for that moment you glance at the clock and it's 11:11 or 22:22 and you make a wish, seeing it as some kind of omen.
In their upcoming new website I saw that they integrated all kinds of spirals and esotheric looking visuals, so I wanted to keep the spirals and give it another twist.
This design is an adaptation from a mannerist calligraphy tutorial, from 1605 by Jan van de Velde.

You can order them by email and soon via their new website.




Held by the Community (Flags)

June 2023

Groupshow in the company of Lithic Alliance, Mariana Machado, Mardros, Amel Omar, Caroline Rohn, Leo dmb, Rafael D'Aló, Barbara Solmé Felgenhauer, Esther Gatón, Gilbard, Maud Langlais.

Curated by Nikos Akritidis
at Fondation 312, Brussels.

Installation of 4 textile pieces.
Thread, textile, metal, rope, stone.

The exhibition was set in a rough old sportshall and intended to be visited in the dark, the works explored by visitors' flashlights.

I've been able to develop this work with support of a development grant from Flanders State of the Art.


Sexy Kesser Vater

Sexy Kesser Vater


Some social media communications + an A3 to A5 zine for the event Sexy Kesser Vater, that took place at Hectolitre in Brussels in September.

Initiated by Mara Ittel and Dagmar Dirkx, Sexy Kesser Vater is a two day celebration of a queer icon. Allowing for a scrapbook, fan-angle kinda vibe – which i really appreciated as an event concept. Consisting of fan paraphernalia, decorated space in style, workshop and movie screening.

Follow: Sexy Kesser Vater on Instagram.

The first edition was celebrating the life and work of Tabea Blumenschein. Super nice material to discover and work with.

Next editions with other icons will follow.


Susanne Fischer

Susanne Fischer


Visual identity for fashion designer Susanne Fischer. Work in Progress. Some variations of the logo have been finished, up next is a web presence.



SPLINT Cardgame


An oracle cardgame, meant as a tool to initiate speculation on future technologies.

Version 1.1
Consisting of 86 cards:

  • 20x 'Situation' cards
  • 20x 'Knowledge Learnt From ...' cards
  • 20x 'An associate, hopefully' cards
  • 20x 'Quote' cards
  • 6x Empty cards

The SPLINT Cards is a card deck game designed to help collective imagination for speculative, intersectionally feminist and libre technologies from/for the future. This game was inspired by The Oracle for Transfeminist Technologies, which incited Constant to make-up its own version of the game.

SPLINT explores the potential of technology for artistic practice and vice versa, at the intersection of intersectional feminism and open source software. SPLINT investigates the discriminations and structural problems inherent in technology, and nurtures the imagination and imaginative capacity of techno-realities that can contribute to an open, experimental and equitable digital art field.

Texts by Constant [Elodie Mugrefya, An Mertens]

Illustrations by Mia Melvaer

Typefaces Calyces by Charlotte Rohde and NotCourierSans by OSP-Foundry

The cards are layed out per 6 cards on A4 sized paper and with small ink usage, the project aims at accessibility through homeprinting. When cutting the cards out of the A4, the left-over piece of paper from each page make up the instruction manual with how-to-play proposals.

It's very easy to print at home. If you want heavier paper or the rounded corners you can also choose to print at your local copy shop.

From December until February the cards (printed big) are on display in the window of Constant at Rue du Fort 5 in Sint-Gilles. Display design by Mia Melvaer and Martino Morandi. Each week a different spread will hang in the window with a box where people can contribute their speculations. On 15 december a play day is initiated.

more documentation will follow
images below by Mia Melvaer


Weak Signaaal

Weak Signaaal

↑ Documentation ↑


Following up on the Weak Signaal announcement poster (see below), Constant also commosioned me to document these worksessions in a poster. I attended the four sessions and captured their essences in 8 postcards that make up one poster.

The poster is built up as a collage from elements, drawings, photographs, quotes, that surfaced in the different sessions.

One of the work sessions took place at the swamp next to Wiels in Brussels, and was a suiting embodyment for the elements of the other sessions. A goose is used to speak about the jargon ('le jar'), the frogs are referring to the wifi prompts that are used for surveillance purposes, and the flower is used as an example of word embedding in machine learning.

Full color offset print and die-cut by Click Click Graphics.

The poster was made with Scribus, Inkscape and Authentic Sans for typeface, and used some of the stereogram pattern from the announcement poster as krill.

It was my goal to be imaginative with this techy, and specific content, in order to open up to audiences that might receive a postcard. Links and context desciptions give some hints for further reading or listening.

There is a very nice under water soundrecording of the swamp, in case you would like some ambient bubble listening. (From the session by Wendy Van Wynsberghe at the swamp).

Weak Signaaal

↓ Announcement ↓


Weak Signaal, Zwak Signaaal, Signaaal Faible. A poster-folded-to-flyer to announce 4 worksessions initiated by Constant around language and communication signals.

The pattern is a stereogram image, in which a 3d image of a tree is hidden. Needs a bit of patience if you are not used to it, but when you stare through the poster as if through a window, you get to see a 3D image of a tree. Which really feels like you are holding the gate to a secret portal. Have fun ;)

Super nicely printed by Ronan (Harry Studio), whose least used color is Fluo Green, which happened to be my haircolor at that moment – obvious choice.

Constant asks to only work with Open Source or Libre tools. So it was some figuring out but i made this with Blender, Easy Stereogram Builder, Scribus, Inkscape and Authentic Sans for typeface.


Mothers &

Mothers & Daughters


Posters and flyers for Mothers & Daughters 2022 edition.

I've been a part of organising Mothers & Daughters – a lesbian* and trans* bar* since 2018, and we haven't been able to open our doors IRL in 2020 and 2021. Therefore this edition felt especially sentimental to me.

Typefaces: Calyces Inc., Authentic Sans, Xiparos Lombard. Thank you ♥

Mothers & Daughters – a lesbian* and trans* bar* is a queer space by and for lesbians* and trans* people and their friends. It is hosted yearly for 2 summer months in Brussels, but also finds it's way in different forms (online, symposiums, etc).

Each week our bar supports a bouquet of flowers that is inspired by a queer movie. I've dug back into our archive of bouquets of the past years and made a new collage of bouquets for this poster. Yes, very sentimental.

The design is reusing several elements (vertical middle banner, the &) that have been introduced by Sara Kaaman back in 2018 on the very first posters, and that have kept reappearing in other people's M&D designs, creating some sort of loose 'identity'.





Lettering for Techotsukumogami, a sailingboat that is being renovated under the project YoKaai.

Apart from the letters we also printed some stand-alone bacteria in reflective vinyl, which are stuck all over the boat and should light up nicely at night.

Typeface is Reglo (sqeeuzed) by OSP Foundry and my hand drawn bacteria.

The boat is being eaten by a bacteria called Osmosis. Which is really bad for the boat but looks nice :) The lettering is based on the idea of the 'inktrap' but let's the bacterial shapes eat up the lettering.

Great vinyl sticker job by Robert


La +32
Clay Corner

La +32 Clay Corner Party


Visuals for the +32 co-production at Illegaal.

FIMO clay + a lot of photoshop

We also installed a clay corner in the chill area of the party and it was adorable to see that many little sculptures were made throughout the night.

Had no idea i'm into this 🙃 but it's a lot of fun, so HMU if you got a FIMO job or sponsorship for me 🦐


A Collective Body Walks Into a Bar

A Collective Body Walks Into A Bar


This work was created on invitation by Cosmos Carl – Platform Parasite, and resulted in a zine that appears on shirts/sweaters.

drawings, cut-outs, collage, collected quotes

This work was created on invitation by Cosmos Carl – Platform Parasite, and resulted in a zine that appears on shirts/sweaters.

* In case of any benefits coming from this project, 100% will be donated to a trans fund that will be launched later this 2022.

'A collective body walks into a bar’ is a collage zine, shaped by conversations with friends on the duality and complexities of community, gatekeeping and the word ‘queer’. The zine is imagined on pieces of clothing, questioning appearance as a signifier for personal politics.

* Thanks to H, S, O, M, M, I + D, S and others for their conversations. Let's continue.

Cosmos Carl - Platform Parasite is an online platform that hosts nothing but links provided by makers, writers and thinkers.
CC invites makers to reclaim (commercial) online platforms to produce and display their art.


La +32

La +32 Labels


For the support party of +32 (in order to buy a sono-bus) custom shirts were made by Charlotte Stuby. These are the labels (with hidden message :)

handwriting, photo-editing





Lucky dice

Edition of 33

made on the occasion of Katja's collective advent calendar

ceramics, nailpolish, graphite

*Thanks to Mia and Eli for help materializing it.


La +32
Fond du Sac

Fond du Sac | Lendemain


Visuals for a 'la +32' b2b party at le Tri Postal.

scans, collage of things I found in the bottom of my bag


GET LOST art route

GET LOST - art route


Visual identiy for an art route that engages young artists in the public space of the Zuid-as area of Amsterdam.

Posters, webdesign, catalogues, flags, promotional material.

In collaboration with Karoline Swiezynski and web development by Joel Galvez. Photography by Emilio Moreno. The initial design ideas were developed with Sophie Rogg. Thanks to Cecile for organising and for the blind trust.

As this art route is set against the backdrop of the high rises of the financial district – and the theme of this edition was 'code of conduct' - we played with transparancy as a visual element in the designs.

GET LOST 2018 in Cecile's documentation.





Invitation visual for my own damn 30th bday...

scans, collage of classic cardgame

Coming Up
















Sarah Margnetti






is practicing


they / them / theirs

(graphic) design


front-end development

queer collective organising


Brussels, mostly.

✉ hello [at] oddd [dot] contact

nl / en / fr / de

In 2023 oddd was generously supported by a development grant from Flanders State of the Art.

oddd is a member of Mothers & Daughters (2018) and Constant (2024).