Mothers &

Mothers & Daughters


Posters and flyers for Mothers & Daughters 2022 edition.

I've been a part of organising Mothers & Daughters – a lesbian* and trans* bar* since 2018, and we haven't been able to open our doors IRL in 2020 and 2021. Therefore this edition felt especially sentimental to me.

Typefaces: Calyces Inc., Authentic Sans, Xiparos Lombard. Thank you β™₯

Mothers & Daughters – a lesbian* and trans* bar* is a queer space by and for lesbians* and trans* people and their friends. It is hosted yearly for 2 summer months in Brussels, but also finds it's way in different forms (online, symposiums, etc).

Each week our bar supports a bouquet of flowers that is inspired by a queer movie. I've dug back into our archive of bouquets of the past years and made a new collage of bouquets for this poster. Yes, very sentimental.

The design is reusing several elements (vertical middle banner, the &) that have been introduced by Sara Kaaman back in 2018 on the very first posters, and that have kept reappearing in other people's M&D designs, creating some sort of loose 'identity'.





Lettering for Techotsukumogami, a sailingboat that is being renovated under the project YoKaai.

Apart from the letters we also printed some stand-alone bacteria in reflective vinyl, which are stuck all over the boat and should light up nicely at night.

Typeface is Reglo (sqeeuzed) by OSP Foundry and my hand drawn bacteria.

The boat is being eaten by a bacteria called Osmosis. Which is really bad for the boat but looks nice :) The lettering is based on the idea of the 'inktrap' but let's the bacterial shapes eat up the lettering.

Great vinyl sticker job by Robert


Weak Signaaal

Weak Signaaal


Weak Signaal, Zwak Signaaal, Signaaal Faible. A poster-folded-to-flyer to announce 4 worksessions initiated by Constant around language and communication signals.

The pattern is a stereogram image, in which a 3d image of a tree is hidden. Needs a bit of patience if you are not used to it, but when you stare through the poster as if through a window, you get to see a 3D image of a tree. Which really feels like you are holding the gate to a secret portal. Have fun ;)

Super nicely printed by Ronan (Harry Studio), whose least used color is Fluo Green, which happened to be my haircolor at that moment, so a must-use.

Constant asks to only work with Open Source or Libre tools. So it was some figuring out but i made this with Blender, Easy Stereogram Builder, Scribus, Inkscape and Authentic Sans for typeface.


La +32
Clay Corner

La +32 Clay Corner Party


Visuals for the +32 co-production at Illegaal.

FIMO clay + a lot of photoshop

We also installed a clay corner in the chill area of the party and it was adorable to see that many little sculptures were made throughout the night.

Had no idea i'm into this πŸ™ƒ but it's a lot of fun, so HMU if you got a FIMO job or sponsorship for me 🦐


A Collective Body Walks Into a Bar

A Collective Body Walks Into A Bar


This work was created on invitation by Cosmos Carl – Platform Parasite, and resulted in a zine that appears on shirts/sweaters.

drawings, cut-outs, collage, collected quotes

This work was created on invitation by Cosmos Carl – Platform Parasite, and resulted in a zine that appears on shirts/sweaters.

* In case of any benefits coming from this project, 100% will be donated to a trans fund that will be launched later this 2022.

'A collective body walks into a bar’ is a collage zine, shaped by conversations with friends on the duality and complexities of community, gatekeeping and the word β€˜queer’. The zine is imagined on pieces of clothing, questioning appearance as a signifier for personal politics.

* Thanks to H, S, O, M, M, I + D, S and others for their conversations. Let's continue.

Cosmos Carl - Platform Parasite is an online platform that hosts nothing but links provided by makers, writers and thinkers.
CC invites makers to reclaim (commercial) online platforms to produce and display their art.


La +32

La +32 Labels


For the support party of +32 (in order to buy a sono-bus) custom shirts were made by Charlotte Stuby. These are the labels (with hidden message :)

handwriting, photo-editing





Lucky dice

Edition of 33

made on the occasion of Katja's collective advent calendar

ceramics, nailpolish, graphite

*Thanks to Mia and Eli for help materializing it.


La +32
Fond du Sac

Fond du Sac | Lendemain


Flyers for a 'la +32' b2b party at le Tri Postal.

scans, collage of things I found in the bottom of my bag


GET LOST art route

GET LOST - art route


Visual identiy for an art route that engages young artists in the public space of the Zuid-as area of Amsterdam.

Posters, webdesign, catalogues, flags, promotional material.

In collaboration with Karoline Swiezynski and web development by Joel Galvez. Photography by Emilio Moreno. The initial design ideas were developed with Sophie Rogg. Thanks to Cecile for organising and for the blind trust.

As this art route is set against the backdrop of the high rises of the financial district – and the theme of this edition was 'code of conduct' - we played with transparancy as a visual element in the designs.

GET LOST 2018 in Cecile's documentation.





Invitation flyer for my own damn 30th bday...

scans, collage of classic cardgame

Coming Up


Morpho Antwerp


Marwan Amsterdam








is practicing


they / them / theirs

(graphic) design

front-end development

queer collective organising

Brussels, mostly.

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